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The Vespa itinerary chosen by Bloggers: exploring the scenery and flavors of Lake Garda!

The Vespa itinerary chosen by Bloggers: exploring the scenery and flavors of Lake Garda!

Have you ever thought about embarking on a Vespa adventure to discover Lake Garda? If the answer is yes, then in this blog post by Rent Garda Lake, you’ll find some tips for a blogger-approved itinerary. Yes, you read that right: the tour we’re about to discuss was chosen and completed by Ludovica and Gianmaria of Due Lombardi al ristorante, a young couple of travel and food influencers who, out of passion, have opened a blog where they recommend unmissable experiences to be had in our beautiful country. And among these experiences is the Vespa tour organized by Rent Garda Lake: an alternative and fun way to visit the beauty of Lake Garda and spend a wonderful day in this enchanting place!

Ready, set, go!

We find ourselves in Peschiera del Garda, where Rent Garda Lake‘s Vespa rental is located. After parking your car in the convenient and free parking lot available for all adventurers, you get ready to set off. After renting the vehicle and participating in a short briefing, you’re ready to hop on and ride.

From here, the first stage of the tour is the romantic town of Sirmione. This peninsula is easily reachable and in a short time by taking a scenic road that overlooks the southern coast of the lake.

After a walk along the lakeside, you reach the walls of the ancient and impressive Scaligero Castle, which seems to emerge from the clear waters of the lake. From here, you can explore and discover the typical streets of the village, adorned with ornamental plants and flowers that create a fairy-tale atmosphere.


Stop 2: history and beauty in Gardone Riviera

Put your helmet back on and ride along the Lombard shore of the lake towards Gardone Riviera. Counted among the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, it’s a small wonder nestled between the mountains and the lake. History, art, culture, and immense beauty reign supreme here.

In this village, you’ll find the Vittoriale degli Italiani, one of the most important museums and mausoleums in our country. This complex of buildings was created based on Gabriele D’Annunzio‘s brilliant intuition: it is, in fact, a true monument to celebrate his life and his activities, which involved both the literary world and the military front.

Stop 3: the astounding Strada della Forra

Continue your Vespa tour and head towards Tremosine to take on the enchanting Strada della Forra, one of the most beautiful and unique scenic roads in Italy.

Extreme beauty has made this route famous worldwide, to the point of being used as a backdrop for some scenes in the famous secret agent James Bond movies. Riding the Strada della Forra on a Vespa is a thrilling and unparalleled experience. Rock-hewn tunnels alternate with breathtaking views where the lake remains the star, offering an absolutely priceless vista.

Continuing north, you then arrive in the town of Tremosine sul Garda, where you cannot miss a stop at the famous Terrazza del Brivido. The name says it all: what awaits you is a real terrace nestled in the rock and perched above the lake, offering an astonishing view. Advice? Keep your camera or smartphone handy for memorable photos.

2.Strada Forra
Strada della Forra

Stop 4: Limone sul Garda, a magical citrus village

To conclude this experience on a high note, ride a few more kilometers on your Vespa until you reach the magical citrus village of Limone sul Garda.

In this suggestive and characteristic village, you can admire an almost surreal landscape. It feels like stepping into a fairy tale book. A visit to one of the lemon groves is a must, where gardens are embedded in the mountain rock, cultivating various types of citrus fruits such as lemons, citrons, and bergamots.

Your tour concludes in this enchanting village, where you can take a moment to relax, sip a good glass of wine, savor some local dishes, all while admiring an indescribable and breathtaking landscape.

Limone sul Garda

In conclusion

Green hills, breathtaking scenic roads, lakefronts, and picturesque villages. Lake Garda is all of this. Through this Vespa itinerary, in just one day, you can discover and explore these landscapes, and make stops to visit some characteristic villages that reflect on the crystal-clear waters of Garda, uncovering both the Veronese and Brescian shores.

Live a blogger-approved adventure! Visit Rent Garda Lake to rent a Vespa and follow the tour promoted and approved by “Due Lombardi al ristorante.” Our staff is waiting to provide you with all the detailed directions: contact us and book your vehicle. And don’t forget, roadside assistance is always included with all our Vespas, ensuring a carefree and peaceful day in this marvelous territory.

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