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Weekend at Lake Garda: what to do and see in two days

Weekend at Lake Garda: what to do and see in two days

Lake Garda is one of the most popular destinations to spend a peaceful and beautiful two-day weekend. If you haven’t been there yet, it’s definitely time to visit Italy’s largest lake! Surprising and uniquely beautiful, it will fill your eyes with wonder. In this article, Rent Garda Lake provides some tips to help you organize a perfect weekend at Lake Garda. Pack your bags and embark on a journey to discover this enchanting region!

A characteristic village where time seems to stand still. We’re talking about Limone sul Garda, a gem on the Brescia side of the lake, famous for its marinas and its golden-yellow products: lemons and olive oil. It is the northernmost place in Italy where citrus and olive groves are cultivated.

1 limone
Limone sul Garda

The lemon houses

Here, you can immerse yourself in the scents and flavours of lemons, citrons, and mandarins by visiting the lemon groves, typical gardens where these fruits are grown. In the historic center of the town, you’ll find the famous Limonaia del Castel, a well-preserved 18th-century citrus garden nestled among the rocky walls that protect the village. You can visit this greenhouse to discover the agricultural art of citrus cultivation and delight in tasting typical products, all made with lemons, of course.

The historic center

Colourful corners, panoramic views of the lake, and narrow alleys to explore: Limone sul Garda’s historic centre is a truly enchanting place to venture into. Let your instincts guide you as you discover step by step this village, rich in small artisan shops, stone houses adorned with plants and flowers, and little restaurants where you can taste the specialties of this land.

The lakeside promenade

After visiting the lemon groves and the historic centre, treat yourself to a relaxing stroll along the lakeside promenade of Limone sul Garda. This is the ideal place to admire the lake and capture some memorable photos. The entire village is reflected in the water, surrounded by mountains.

The adventure of a Vespa tour

You can choose to reach Limone sul Garda and explore it in an alternative way. How? By enjoying a day in true “A Little Italian Vacation” style, riding a Vespa. You can rent your vehicle from Rent Garda Lake and set off to reach this village. To fully enjoy your weekend at Lake Garda, we recommend taking our “Tremosinetour. It is an itinerary that will take you to the picturesque Limone sul Garda, allowing you to discover other characteristic villages, visit scenic viewpoints, and savour the local food and wine products.

Riva del Garda: the mountain with a Mediterranean flavour

Nestled among the Brenta Dolomites, Riva del Garda is defined as the gem of the Trentino side of the lake. Here, you breathe in the mountain air with a Mediterranean flavour, where the peculiarities of Garda blend with the mountainous nature, creating a truly enchanting place, perfect for spending the second day of your weekend at Lake Garda.

The panoramic elevator of Bastione Rocchetta

If you want to treat yourself to a breath-taking view of the village and the lake, you can climb the characteristic Venetian bastion Rocchetta, a circular structure that stands tall above the city.

The Rocca and the MAG

In the centre of Riva del Garda, you’ll find the Rocca, a 12th-century medieval castle that served for the defence of the city. Today, this monument has become the seat of the MAG, the Alto Garda Museum that collects the testimonies that have marked the past of this village. The central courtyard of the castle hosts events and performances throughout the year.

2 rocca rivagarda
Rocca of Riva del Garda

Piazza III Novembre

In the heart of Riva del Garda, here you can admire the Austro-Hungarian architectural influence of the past. The city’s arcades are characteristic, providing a tranquil stroll and an opportunity to admire the artisan shops. Piazza III Novembre is also home to the Apponale Tower, a panoramic viewpoint from which top you can admire Riva del Garda from above.

The "Marocco" neighbourhood

Near the ancient city walls lies the “Marocco” neighbourhood, a place waiting to be discovered that offers an exciting glimpse of the lake. The name derives from a dialectal term in the area, “Marocche,” which indicates the large rocks on which the houses of this picturesque and suggestive neighbourhood are built. Even today, you can observe some buildings’ former walkways and remnants of towers.

In conclusion

Lake Garda is dotted with numerous cities and small villages that offer breath-taking views that captivate the eyes. If you decide to spend a weekend at Lake Garda, you can explore two characteristic cities like Limone sul Garda and Riva del Garda. Here, you can get lost in the colourful streets and experience the typical Mediterranean scents of the lake landscape. To make your weekend even more exciting, follow the advice of Rent Garda Lake! Come to us to rent a Vespa and explore the western area of the lake by taking our “Tremosine” tour. Contact us for any information and travel advice!

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